BPKHIS is the short form of B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences. The institute was established on 1993, January 18. On 1998, October 28 the institute was updated to an autonomous Health Science University. This institute is located in the Eastern part of Nepal i.e.  Ghopa, Dharan, Nepal.

The institute is mandatory in performing its skills and activities like working towards developing socially responsible and competent health workforce, provide provident health care and involving in innovative health research. The institute owes the existence of 3 prime ministers I.e. Indian Prime minister Chandra Shekhar, Late prime ministers of Nepal B.P. Koirala and Girija Prasad Koirala.

It is one of the single largest projects which was established with the cooperation between India and Nepal. As the institute is known to be a monument of Indo- Nepal friendship and co-operation among each other. It is informed that the project took almost 2 years to get selected and to implement the plan.

Mr. Madan P. Upadhya is the founder director of the Institute as before he was chairman of the Nepalese task force of BPKHIS project.  One of the known and successful examples of Indo-Nepal cooperation is known to be BPKHIS.

The different Executive Body of the BPKHIS are,

  • Dr. Raj Kumar Rauniyar is the Vice Chancellor
  • Dr. Guru Prasad Khanal is the Rector
  • Tul Bahadur Shrestha is the Registrar
  • Dr. Gauri Shankar Shah is the Hospital Director

BPKHIS  has announced the result that has been published in its official sites i.e. www.bpkhis.edu.

To check the result of BPKHIS examination you should follow the following procedures given below:

  • The first step, you need to visit the BPKHIS official site i.e. bpkhis.edu where you can get different information related to the institute or the information about the institute you want to know
  • There you can find different options like Introduction, Hospital Service, Faculty, Entrance Exam, Academic, News, and Contact.
  • Among those different options choose Entrance Exam option
  • Then the sites open with the different information regarding entrance examination
  • We can find the result you are searching for on the site
  • You can download the result from the sites

As well as u can submit the online application for which the ID and the password is required, you can fill the online application which will be easier for the students as they don’t need to visit the university for submitting their application.

On the merit of Examination and Counseling the admission is allowed, as no any sort of management, Quota are provided. There are no any middlemen or the person who can recommend for the seats as students must secure good marks or should do competition among many in order to get the seats.

Don’t be in the confusion that you will be able to get seats by recommendation as this is not possible in case of BPKHIS, be aware of the person who is trying to explain to you that you can get seats by recommendation by saying that they know the main person of the university, they are fraud.

BPKIHS has published results of MPH/MD/MS/MDS/BSc MLT/MBBS/BDS/BSc Nursing/BN Entrance Results 2018 2076.

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CONGRATULATIONS! For those students who are able to pass the Entrance examination.