CTEVT has published CTEVT results (ctevt org np results). Check result online now with marks. 

CTEVT Result stands for Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training result. CTEVT.ORG.NP result is the official result by CTEVT Nepal. It is established in 1989 A.D. (2045 BS). It is the policy formulation and coordination body for Technical Education and Vocational Training (TEVT) programs committed for the production of technical and skillful human resources required to the nation.

It is a national autonomous body committed to the development of human resources for Nepal. In particular, CTEVT is concerned with basic and middle-level technical education and vocational training and mainly involves in policy formulation, quality control, preparation of competency-based curriculum, developing skill standards of various occupations and testing the skills of the people, conduct various research studies and training needs assessment, etc.

CTEVT has an assembly with 24 members and a governing board of nine members, which is known as Council. Minister of Education chairs the Assembly and the Council. The Council has a full-time Vice-Chairman and a Member-Secretary and its headquarters is located at Sanothimi, Bhaktapur. The system has about 850 personnel to carry out its functions.

CTEVT helps to organize the examination of different sectors like PCL nursing, Health Assistant(HA), pharmacy, lab, engineering sector, etc. It also organizes different training related to the parlour, sewing training, and many others. There are different CTEVT affiliated colleges found in Nepal, having different technical courses.

There are more than 250 CTEVT affiliated Schools, 8 annex schools and 21 constituted schools that provide CTEVT courses through two programs: Vocational Training Provision and Technical Education Provision. Vocational Education provision provided vocational training in the areas of Animal Sciences, Plant Sciences, Cooking/ Baking, Civil, Computer, Secretarial/Management, Mechanical and Miscellaneous as per the needs and demands of people that range from 39 hours to 1500 hours.

These come under the curriculum of short-term training. Technical Education Provision provides a TSLC certificate and diploma level certificate in various programs under than main areas, Agriculture, Engineering and Health.

All information regarding CTEVT can be found on its official website www.ctevt.org.np. The detail information about its programs, curriculum, divisions, latest updates, institutions, exams, results, scholarships, research publications, its contact method is provided on the website. The website is managed and updated regularly. CTEVT conducts examinations regularly to evaluate the students. The CTEVT result of these examinations is also published on the website The procedure to check CTEVt results is mentioned in step by step order.

ctevt result

How to check CTEVT result?

CTEVT org np has published results for CTEVT for 2076. Students can check the CTEVT result online with a mark sheet. This step guides the student in a detail way to check CTEVT results. CTEVT results can be found online. The official website for ctevt is www ctevt org np.

  • Open your browser and go to CTEVT’s official site ctevt.org.np.
  • On the homepage, you can see the pictures of chairperson and other respected people at the top.
  • After the site is viewed you can see different boxes providing you to the links of different information that you need.
  • There you can find different  boxes  for notice board, result, latest updates, scholarships, publications and contacts and so on
  • In the box of results, click on more button at the bottom which will open to the page with a list of results.
  • All the results are in the same list, there is no categorization of the result according to specific areas, so you need to find the particular result that you have been searching for, If it has been published, it will be present there.
  • Click the particular result you are looking, then the link will take you to the new page, There you can find result, or you can also download it and so on.

CTEVT programs are attractive as they are said to be providing more job opportunities to the people. Various research studies have shown that more than 70 percent of CTEVT graduates on an average is employed (including self-employment). As it also has an academic ladder, CTEVT graduates can opt for higher education opportunities.

Steps to check ctevt org np results

The first step to check the result is to log on to the official website of ctevt org np.

See the results section on the mid side of the page. You can just scroll your first window to see the Results section. This section covers up all the results for CTEVT. CTEVT runs numerous programs each year for students. Students can easily check the result online with this simple technique. Ctevt official website publishes the result in pdf format where a student can download the pdf file of result and check their ctevt result with mark sheet.

Many students search for ctevt result on ctevt org np. Many students search for ctevt result writing www ctevt result. Students must know that the official CTEVT website is www ctevt org np and it publishes official CTEVT result. There is no website like ctevt org com , www ctevt org com np, www ctevt com np, www ctevt np.

If you found any difficulty with result check, please use the comment section below. If you found any problem with the result check, do mention in the comment section, one of our staff will try out to provide a good solution for your problem.

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  • CTEVT Entrance scholarship result
  • CTEVT Result of HA, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Ophthalmic Science
  • CTEVT Examination – Pharmacy and Ag, Engineering
  • CTEVT TSLC result (ANM and Agriculture result)
  • CTEVT Result of ANM (Mid Region) (KTI/LPA)
  • CTEVT Lab Technology and nursing (withheld)(Reg+Back)
  • 2074 – Examination – ANM chance exam (Bharatpur)
  • 2074 – Nursing and Radiography 3rd year
  • 2074 – Result of Third year Regular and Back (Engineering only)
  • CTEVT Engineering result (Regular Back)
  • CTEVT Nursing, HA Special Scholarship result
  • CTEVT ANM Regular/Back result
  • CTEVT Retotaling Result of PCL nursing and Lab
  • CTEVT Staff Nurse, Ophthalmic Sc. and Forestry entrance result
  • CTEVT Chance Exam result
  • CTEVT Classified Scholarship Result
  • CTEVT Result of Entrance Examination
  • CTEVT Retotaling result of Dph, Lab, HA,Dag of result

List of CTEVT Results

CTEVT has published the following Ctevt result to date. All these are new, fresh and recent results. Please check the following result published by CTEVT.

The Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) constituted in 1989 (2045 BS) is a national autonomous apex body of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector committed for the production of technical and skillful human resources required to the nation. It mainly involves policy formulation, quality control, preparation of competency-based curriculum, developing skill standards of various occupations and testing the skills of the people, conduct various research studies and training needs assessment, etc.

www ctevt org np results notices exam schedule

www ctevt org np looks after CTEVT Nepal. Get your CTEVT result online over here. You can also get CTEVT notices, CTEVT exam schedule online here. CTEVT is a training body that provides a training oriented education system in Nepal.

By the way, CTEVT is very important for Nepal. It is a developing skills among Nepalese in different sectors. CTEVT has enhanced its skill oriented programs so that every individual can go with CTEVT to cover up with skills.

CTEVT (www ctevt org np results) can be obtained on the page (ctevt.org.np/page.php?type=archive&results). It includes every result related to CTEVT. The examination schedule can be obtained from the page (www.ctevt.org.np/page.php?page=582). This link includes examination related materials along with the CTEVT examination schedule.

www ctevt org np

www ctevt org np must not be forgotten by CTEVT students as well as students who are wishing to get skill through CTEVT. www ctevt org np provides all information related to CTEVT. It includes all activities related to CTEVT. www ctevt org np helps students to get admission notices, result notices, examination notices, entrance notices, entrance examination results and much more.

Lastly, www ctevt org np is a very important link/website for all CTEVT related topics. It is better to go through the link mentioned and check every activated with CTEVT. Council for Technical education and Vocational Training is keenly working for improving skills on Nepali students organizing skill oriented programs to education level programs.

You can also check the CTEVT courses available for students on www ctevt org np. Students can get updated information on every topic related to it. If you are wishing to join CTEVT for job vacancy purposes too, you can visit the link. CTEVT updates everything related to it on www ctevt org np. So, it is best to visit the above-mentioned link rather than to search everywhere about CTEVT.

www ctevt org np results CTEVT admission notice

CTEVT (www ctevt org np) stands for  Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training. CTEVT results have been published by www ctevt org np. CTEVT runs several academic and training oriented programs and maintains all curriculum guidelines.

www ctevt org np provides education programs and training for students to make them able to cope up with their career needs.

www ctevt org np Technical Education

ctevt admission to Certificate/Diploma level programs minimum requirement is the completion of SLC. Ctevt runs agriculture programs like I. Sc. Ag. (Plant Science), I. Sc. Ag.  (Animal Science), Diploma in Food and Dairy Technology as a diploma program. Ctevt runs engineering programs like Diploma in Civil Engineering.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering, Diploma in Electrical Engineering, Diploma in Electronic Engineering , Diploma in Survey Engineering, Diploma  in Computer Engineering, Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Architecture Engineering. Ctevt runs health programs like Proficiency Certificate in General Medicine, Proficiency Certificate in Nursing, Proficiency Certificate in Medical Lab Technology, Proficiency Certificate in Radiography, Proficiency Certificate in Ayurvedic Science, Diploma in Pharmacy, Diploma in Dental Science, Diploma in Ophthalmic Science.

www ctevt org np runs sub-oversear engineer programs like Civil,  Mechanical, Electrical, Electronic, Automobile, Junior Computer Technician, Air-conditioning and refrigerator, Sanitary.

www ctevt org np runs health programs like CMA, ANM, AAHW, Dental Hygienist, Lab Assistant.

The minimum admission requirement of all above program is completion of School leaving certificate. After completion of the above programs, students can join bachelor level programs too.

Vocational training provided by www ctevt org np

Besides the educational programs provided by CTEVT, they also provide students with training programs. These training programs inbuilt the way to gain skill. This skills inspire youth to become self-dependent as well.

In our perspective, such kinds of vocational training programs must be provided in large skills. This training make youth to make their career easily in their selected field.

www ctevt org np

Latest CTEVT results

CTEVT result is easy to check. Students can go to www ctevt org np to check result. On the homepage of ctevt, you will see Notice board, results, latest updates, CTEVT scholarships, publications, and contact. You can see latest results on the results section.

www ctevt org np results

Good luck for your CTEVT result.