US government has published EDV 2022 online result today. You can check EDV 2022 online result by US government over here.

edv result 2022

EDV 2022 Online Result

It is easy to check online dv result from Wap Nepal. In the past days, we used to provide dv lottery winner name list. This year also, we will provide winner name list in this website. If you have won the dv lottery 2022, use our comment section to let us know so that we will be able to update your name on the list of edv winners 2022.

It is easy to check edv 2022 online result. You need to check the official website of US government named It is the only one official website where you can check the result. Without wasting your time searching through the web, you can go straight away to

How to Check EDV 2022 Online Result?

As mentioned, you need to go to online dv result official website of dv lottery. We have already provided the official website of dv lottery and you can follow that link.

Right way to checking winner of EDV result is to go to official site of EDV. Note that you have the right confirmation number which was provided during EDV registration process held on 2021 October to November.

  • Open
  • Enter Year of Birth.
  • Enter Family Name or Last name.
  • Enter confirmation number with complete numbers on form.
  • Proceed to check the status of your EDV 2022 status.

If your name is chosen for further process, keep that confirmation number and print that result page. EDV official sends you an email with detail and what you have to do for further processing. Keep checking your inbox. EDV result 2020 detail will come to your email address, that you have to give when fill up EDV form.

Step by Step Process to Check EDV 2022 Online Result

We have already mentioned the steps to check EDV 2022 online result. If you are new to our website, then you can follow these instructions to check your edv 2022 result.

  • Official website has EDV result. So, go to official website first.
  • You will see the box to enter the confirmation code. You can enter your code in that box.
  • It asks for a family name. You need to provide the family name.
  • Lastly, click submit now button to get your edv result.

If you are the lucky winner, you will get an email confirming you are selected for edv program. But, you must be careful while checking that email. If maybe from fake email address also. You need to confirm who is the sender by checking their email address. If it is other than the official website of dvlottery state gov, then only it may be genuine. But, you need to take time to analyse it whether it is true or fake. Please remember that, no one will ask money with you to process your dv lottery. If you get that kind of email, report it as a spam or ignore it.

We would like to highlight again that dv program is free and no one will ask money with you. So, you need to be alert on it. No one will ask money for processing. Please do not fall on the trap of spammers.

So, never ever believe on anyone who ask for money to process your dv lottery result.

EDV result 2022 has been published. You can check your result online over here. EDV 2022 winners can stay over US with a green card. US has become a dreamland for residents all over the world. EDV is a best program which allows US green card. See EDV 2022 winners name list over here.

Before checking the result confirm that you have entered confirmation number, last name, year of birth as you have.

Good News for those who are not selected Now.  U.S. Department of State says ‘More entries will be selected in early October 2022, so please keep your confirmation information until at least that time.’

We will update this page as soon as EDV result 2022 is out. You can also visit our other pages in this website to get the latest information about EDV. We have new updated EDV page on this website. You can see any related post of EDV on our website.

You can also use the comment section provided on this page.

Life of EDV Winners

Many of the Nepalese have settled in US through EDV since long. EDV winners 2016 are on the last process of entering US. Amrit Dhakal, one of the EDV 2017 winners has stated that he has completed all processes as stated by US government and he is going to US within two months.

EDV winner, Engineer Ganesh baral, who is already settled on USA is working in US states that he is happy in US and working good in burger industry. Although he miss his friends and colleagues of Nepal, he is working hard to get a good job in US.

People seem to be keen interested on Submitting and filling EDV forms so as to go the USA and to get green card over there. It has been easier and lucky ones can have luck on getting EDV lottery so as to be a permanent resident of USA.

EDV result 2022 publishes on May 8 2021. Good luck for your upcoming edv result. Check your result online.

Results of EDV 2021/2022 with Name List has been published. Please see your name of edv 2022 on the list. Good Luck for EDV 2078 result. Edv lottery 2022 result by name list all over Nepal is over here. You can get Edv result and name list 2022 in Nepal on a scroll. EDV is a best effective way to enter the great country USA. Many people from different corners of the world has already been a resident of the USA through EDV program. Many more people are being resident of USA this time too with edv result 2022.

EDV Result 2022 by US Government has been published. Check your result online here. EDV is a program from which you can enter to US with a green card on your hand. Having a green card of US in your hand is not a easy job. You will be a permanent resident of US if you win the lottery system.

Official New EDV Result for 2022. EDV Result is here. New EDV 2020 result has been published. EDV result 2022 has given chance to people to settle in USA. Every year, USA takes new people to their country through EDV lottery system.

For EDV result 2022 Click here

EDV 2022 Result, EDV 2022 winners

edv 2020

The list of EDV 2022 winners is yet to come. Please stay updated with this page regularly. We will update the name of EDV 2022 winners as soon as possible. Please keep on touch with EDV result 2022 online with winner name list page time to time. We have updated the name list of 2022 EDV winners in our another page.

Another important point is that, after EDV result 2022, edv 2022 form will open for everyone.

EDV 2022 Entry Instructions

Please read the DV-2022 Entry Instructions carefully. Entrants may be disqualified for not completing the entry form correctly or by submitting more than one entry. Use the link below to view the instructions.

DV-2022 Instructions

EDV 2022 Photo Validator

Before beginning the entry process, you can verify that your picture(s) comply with all requirements by clicking the link below.

Photo Validator

EDV 2022 Entry Form

The entry form is prepared in two parts, one for the primary Entrant and one for derivatives (if any). Each part must be completed correctly and completely before going to the next part. After all parts are completed, the entry will be submitted to the DV-2022 Processing Center. Click the link below to begin the entry process.

EDV which is also called electronic divergent visa. It is the dreamland of people living all over the world. People are residing in best countries like Canada, Australia, Germany, Denmark, UK, still people want to settle in US and have a dream for their future,
EDV is targeted to international citizen and winners are choosen randomly. The qualification of applicants can be whatever. People should be qualified to higher secendory education or intermediate level. , EDV do not recognize the people whether they are doctor enginner or pilot. People are selected from millions of applicants.

You need to check your result through official website using confirmation code and date of birth if u haven’t filled form from ESPOT Nepal. You need to have a confirmation code along with you. Although confirmation code is a long one, you need to have it to check your result. Along with confirmation code, you need to have your date of birth for getting result. You can just drop your problem in comment section if u have any inquiries about EDV. Good luck

Latest update is that edv 2022 result publishes on May 8 Saturday 2021. Good luck for the result.

EDV Result 2022 has been published today. People think EDV as the best medium to get into the US. Millions of people all over the world apply for an online EDV registration. From those registrations, people are selected randomly by US government. Those people can enter the USA and get permanent residency card over there. EDV is regarded as the best cheapest way to settle in the US if a luck favors.

EDV Result 2022

EDV Result 2022 can be obtained from the official website of EDV:  which is managed by US government. Registered members can check for 2021 and 2022 entrant status. There is a time frame given to check the entrants detail for EDV 2022. The time frame has been given on May 8, 2021. They also alert the registered members to keep their confirmation number until June 30, 2022.

Along with that, US government has given a certain time frame to check entrants status for EDV-2021 as September 30 2021.

This time also US government is taking thousands of applicants to the US for the permanent residency. This is a yearly system. If you have missed the EDV result 2020, you can wait for EDV 2022 registration which is likely going to open on October 3, 2021, and ends within a month of the opening date.

These are interesting facts about DV result. It is better to get known to these facts about EDV.

  • EDV result publishes on May 8th, 2021.
  • EDV 2022 form open will be done within a few months of a result. EDV 2022 form will open in 2021.
  • Published on: EDV Result winner Name list / EDV 2018 Result Result of EDV 2022 Nepal.

Check your edv result 2022 online. We have lots of resources describing the easy ways to check EDV result 2022. If you have any problem on result checking, use the comment section below to let us know. We would like to request our visitors to stay updated on this page. We will update as soon as we get any information about EDV result.

What are the changes to EDV result 2022?

Looking onto the scene in the US in recent days, it seems like only a few numbers of winners will be announced for EDV result 2022. Please use the comment section to stay connected.

EDV 2022 winners name list

After a long wait, EDV result 2022 has been published on May 8th, 2021. Much Nepalese has been selected with the prestigious EDV lottery scheme for 2022. We will try to list out all the EDV 2022 winners name list for edv result of this year. We appreciate your patience and we are working hard to collect the list of all winners. If you are selected, please use our comment section to let us know, so that we can update our page with your edv winner name.

In the days to come, we will be updating about new EDV offers and EDV lottery schemes which will be valuable for you. We are providing you the information since many years and we will continue to do so. Congratulations winners.

We have listed the name of EDV winners 2022. If you are the winner, use the comment section to tell us.

  • Ramesh Panta (Sindhuli)
  • Janak Sapkota (Now at Spain)
  • Anuj Sigdel (Pokhara, Simalchaur-8)
  • Saurab Baral (SBs apple care, Srijanachowk Pokhara)
  • Santosh Pandey (Kathmandu, Civil Engineer)
  • Santosh Poudel Mato
  • Shankar Giri (AAA travels)
  • Ranjan Adhikari
  • Keeran Baral
  • Dinesh Budhathoki
  • Saroj Adhikari
  • Ashish Bista (Biratnagar)
  • Parash Paudel (Lekhnath)

We will continuously update this list. Latest update is that EDV result will be on your hands on May 8.