EDV results (Electronic Diversity Visa) is very popular medium of immigration to USA. EDV lottery is generally a process to bring immigrants in United State to increase the number of population. Nepal is also selected for EDV lottery. Each year United States take 2500-5000 Nepalese by doing a random selection.

United States will not stop EDV lottery until Immigrants from Nepal reach 50,000. And once population is 50,000 EDV will be stopped by United States immigration department.

Best way to check EDV result is go to official website of EDV. Your confirmation number as well as your personal information you have filled during registration process are needed to check out your EDV results.

edv result 2022

Candidates are randomly chosen by immigration department of United States. And immigration department of United States have also declared that registration form is free and there is provision to punish by local law to those people who are found selling EDV form EDV form.

Winner’s name will be published all over the internet as soon as results are published.

You can check your EDV results through following process:

  • Go through www.dvlottery.state.gov.
  • Enter your Date of birth
  • Your Family name or your last name
  • Your confirmation number
  • Proceed to check your status

If you are selected, congratulations!

Print out that sheet of result and your confirmation number very safely.

EDV immigration department will send you an email on the email address you’ve provided while filling EDV form. You just keep on checking your Email.

There is a huge craze for every one about United States. People just think about going to America and obey to pay millions of amount to go there. And if you are selected at EDV lottery, you are supposed to be very much lucky. You can travel towards the place which you were dreaming only with free of cost.

There are lots of people who are selected through EDV and are permanent resident of United States. Some of them may be your relatives, your family members and your friends too.

EDV is considered as a free medium to get entry for United States. People are waiting for their EDV results with a huge patience. Not only you whole nation waits for EDV results.

Best of luck for your EDV result!