EPS exam is taken by Human Resource Development Service of Korea. This exam is for them who wish to move to Korea for working. This exam is held once in a year. To attend the examination, one should study the language well and should fill up the EPS form and submit it. After few months of submission exam will be taken in differnet centres. EPS usually helds its exam in many of the biggest colleges in Nepal including LA Campus, St. Xaviers and Xaviers. This exam is a huge oppurtunity for normal Nepali people to improve their future life and life style by working on good amount of salary and paying only a little amount for the processing. After taking the examination, EPS Exam Result will give the result for the awating people either they are allowed for the visa or not.

Only 15 countries are allowed to send workers to Korea through EPS. The average number of workers sent per year is 3533. But due to procedural ease, transparency and minimum cost, Korea has awarded Nepal and it also increases the quota allocatd for Nepal sometimes to 5700 and sometimes to 8200 depending upon the number of workers required in there and the number of people attempting the examination here in Nepal.

eps exam result

Steps to check EPS Exam Result

There are many sites that publishes the EPS Exam Result. You can see the result in facebook as well. But the most reliable site for the result will be the official site of EPS Nepal itself. So here are the steps :

  • Open any browser you are using and visit the epsnepal homepage by typing epsnepal in the URL bar.
  • On the left side of the homepage, you’ll see ‘(year) EPS – TOPIK PASSERS’ in the ‘Categories’ field. Click it.
  • Now, search for your symbol number and check the result.

If in case the result is in PDF format, then you need to download the file at first and then check your result.

If you are unable to check your result from the above site, then you may also visit other relative sites or facebook pages like EPS Korea Nepal, ohnepal.com, himalisansar.com and many others.