Lok sewa Aayog, (Public service commission) was established in 15th June 1951 A.D. Lok sewa Aayog was brought into practice mainly with the aim to select the required candidates to fulfill the vacancies of governmental posts. Each year number of people gives the exams of public service commission. Lok Sewa aayog result is important to get onto the governmental posts. Public service Commission committee takes exam yearly on various ways.

  1. Written examination
  2. Practical examination
  • Interview
  • several other process as recommended by the committee

Each candidate must pass open written exam and very few are selected from there. The passed candidates must appear for their practical examination. From practical exams also, some of the candidates are eliminated. Very few are left after practical examinations. There after selected ones must appear for their Interview where they are asked several tricky questions also. From the interview the committee selects the appropriate examinee and selects him/her. For these all processes, each candidate must know their results. We can find many people’s wondering how to know the result of Public Service Commission. Here we have provided a few tips that would definitely help you to check out your results.

lok sewa aayog result

Lok Sewa Aayog Result

We are talking briefly on getting lok sewa aayog result easily. First log on to psc.gov.np by clicking here psc.gov.np. After the page is completely loaded, you can see lots of sections like Advertisement, Result, Notice including various menus. Seeing the tabular section of result on the mid side of the page, you can get the latest lok sewa aayog result. Various other famous web portals like ohnepal.com also includes lok sewa aayog result in easy way.

Step-wise lok sewa aayog result

  • Log on to psc gov np
  • After loading page, you see on the mid section where result portion is seen.
  • Check your result with your lok sewa aayog identification document.

Hope, these steps certainly helped you on getting your lok sewa aayog result easily.