National examination board (NEB) class 11 result 2078 has been published with marks on Ashoj 7, 2078. Students can now check their result along with their marks in their individual subjects. NEB class 11 science result, NEB class 11 management result, NEB class 11 arts result is usually published after Tihar. This time, NEB class 11 result is publishing before Dashain. Result is out on 6 October, 2018.

NEB Class 12 result published few months before. Now, its a turn of class 11 result.

NEB class 11 result 2076 with mark sheet posts on official websites mentioned below.

How to check class 11 result with mark sheet from

You need to type on your web browser and then on the menu bar you will see a list named result. You need to click on it to check result.

neb result

On clicking on Result menu shown above, you will see click here to view result option like below.

neb class 11 result

On clicking an option click here to view result, you will see the box to type your symbol number of grade 11.

neb result class 11

It is the time to type your symbol number in the box provided. After typing your NEB class 11 symbol number, you can click on search for the result.

How to check class 11 result from

You need to type on your browser. You will see the following on your screen.

neb class 11 result ntc

You need to enter your symbol number and click on submit button. You will get an option to enter your date of birth. After entering your date of birth, you will see your marks with grade sheet.

Finally, if you have any problem in knowing your result, feel free to use our comment section below to get help. Our comment section is designed in a friendly manner to provide an appropriate solution to users.

In simple words, NEB result 2076 is out. Students can check their class 11 result with marksheet right now. result publishes result with grades/marks. Result check process is only three step process.

Step 1: Log on to You will see the website page as following.

Step 2: Enter your symbol number.

Step 3: Enter your date of birth.

After this simple three steps, your result will be online infront of you. If you are still confused on result checking process, you can visit NEB class 11 Result 2076 National Examination Board Result. Result will be there with your marks. If you have any confusion on result check process, comment below in our comment section. One of our team members will be on touch with you.

NEB Class 11 Result Online with Grades

NEB class 11 Result has been published for class 11. Class 11 result is available online. Students can check their class 11 result on mobile by SMS also. All result checking procedures are easy. Students can know their result with this simplest guide ever.

Previously, NEB class 11 was known as HSEB class 11 result. Since last year, its name was changed to NEB. NEB is for National Education Board of Nepal. So, our website named NEBNepal was introduced to provide NEB updates that are very much important for all students. NEBNepal wants every students easy to check their results.

NEB result of class 11 is available in different forms. Writing in short, NEB class 11 result is on internet, mobile and landline.

There are lots of online websites which publish NEB result. We have already mentioned on our previous post as well. Students must not forget, to check their result. These two are the official websites to check the result.

NEB Class 11 Result on Mobile by SMS

Short Message Service (NEB Result SMS) is easy to get result. Students need to follow the syntax for that. There are lots of NEB Result SMS service providers. For instance, Nepal Telecom NEB result SMS service, Sparrow SMS service are few of them. It is important to know that Nepal Telecom provides SMS result check service in only one rupees whereas Sparrow SMS provides same result check service for five rupees. So, we request our students to check result using Nepal Telecom SMS service. For this, you need to type NEB and then give space and the symbol number, then send it to 1600.

NEB symbol number and send it to 1600

NEB Class 11 Result on Landline

National Examination Board result of class 11 check on landline is the oldest method of result checking. In early days, there used to be only landline phone and mobile phone was not convenient as now. Previously, result published on Gorkhapatra and Landline phone (PSTN). This service is still on use but NEB result stopped publishing result on Gorkhapatra. To check result on your landline phone, you need to dial 1601 from your landline phone. Then, you need to follow the instructions provided over the phone.

In summary, NEB result check for class 11 has been easy these days. Using various means of communication, result is easy to check. These new technologies has made the life of student easier. Previously, there used to be lots of difficulties in result check process.

Many online result check websites used to be offline due to high traffic. With the extensive grow in technology, recently, there are no problems on NEB result checking. It has been easier for students to check result online or by using simple phone or by using mobile internet.

In contrast, we NEB Nepal would like to heartily wish the best result of our students. We would like to wish for their prosperous career.

NEB Result of 11 of year 2076/2018 is ready. NEB result 2076 of class 11 is out after a long wait. Students were waiting for result since long. They were excitedly waiting for result but result was delayed due to some circumstances in the country. NEB result 2076 class 11 science and management is out today. Students can check online or through sms service like usual.

Options to check NEB Result 2076 class 11

Its easy. We have shared lots of stuffs on getting neb result soon. Our page neb result has a complete details to get result soon/sooner/soonest.

There is lots of ways on getting neb result. You can get result via sms too. Do not go for SMS facility that costs 5 rs per sms. Nepal telecom is providing NEB Result knowing SMS facility for Rs 1 only. For this you need to send sms to 1400 writing your symbol number.

There are lots more easier ways to get neb result. You can get neb result online on and on They are only the official result publishers.

Good luck for your upcoming neb result of 11.

neb result of class 11 is dedicated on providing information to students since many years. provides ideas on how to get result online very easily. NEB result 2076 class 11 is published today. is sharing the ideas to check the result early. consists of numerous posts and articles that guides students to check their neb result online. Students can go through the related pages shown just below this articles to find the numerous resources available in this page.

Students are eagerly waiting for NEB result 2076. Students wish to check their mark sheet online. After a long wait result has been published. Neb science result, neb management result, neb humanities result, neb education result has been published today. We would like to wish good luck to result awaiting students for their better upcoming result.

Check Class 11 Results Marks with mobile phones

If you have gprs or 3g enabled handset, you can check result online. If you do not have internet access on your mobile phone, then you can use NEB sms result check method to check result.

For this, you need to go to message box and type the NEB result check syntax as shown below.

  • Type NEB symbol_no dob(yy/mm/dd) and send it to 1600
    for example, type (NEB 22071382 55/01/01) and send it to 1600

If you do not have your date of birth, you can check your result from mobile sms as well.

  • Type NEB<space><Your-Symbol number> & send SMS to 5001
    for example: NEB yoursymbolnumber

NEB result class 11 can be checked easily reading this valuable information. By this guide, you will be able to check your NEB class 11 result online as well as from your mobile sms service. If you have any problem on result check, use our comment section below.

We will provide you guide regarding result check. We hope there will not be any difficulty for you to check NEB result online with this information. Goodluck for your NEB result 2076 and good luck to all class 11 result awaiting students for their good result.

NEB Result 2076 is out. Students are searching for NEB result 2076 / 2018. NEB result is online here. You can check NEB result 2076 / 2018 with mark sheet over here with ease. There is no any difficulty on searching NEB result with marks. By the way, NEB has become an essential gateway for further education. Thousands of students are waiting NEB result 2076.

NEB result 2076 is available on various mediums which include online portals, SMS system, and IVR system. Briefly telling on ideas to check online results, you can check result online from here.

NEB result 2076 is available online for all students and their parents to check result. First, students need to be ready to check NEB result 2076 with symbol number on their hands. There is no option on checking result without having symbol number. After getting it, you can go to the official webpage of NEB and search your symbol number over there.

Steps to check NEB result 2076

NEB result 2076 can be checked with these listed ways.

NEB result 2076 2018 online

NEB result is available online on various portals like, etc. You can go to any one of them and get your result online with marks.

NEB result 2076 2018 by SMS

NEB results are available on phone. Both class 11 result and class 12 result are available on mobile phone. NEB result is available online on various SMS service networks. Many SMS service providers are working to provide NEB result through SMS. It is the fastest method. Anyway, using private SMS service providers might be expensive. We request you to check your result by SMS by using Nepal Telecom SMS service. To let you know the fact, it costs only 1 rupee whereas other services are expensive than 5 rupees. NEB result page describes various ways to check result. These tips and ideas are very much important on checking NEB results.

Hope these important NEB result check techniques made you easy to check your NEB results online. If you have any kind of problem on checking your NEB result online, please let us know on a comment section.

neb result by sms

  • Costly.
  • Does not let you see your marks.
  • Only pass or fail result.

Nepal Telecom NEB result service

nepal telecom neb result

Nepal Telecom provides result check by SMS service. There is a reason to mention Nepal Telecom NEB result check by SMS service in the first. It is the cheapest way to check result by SMS. It cost only 1 rupees to check your NEB result. Then, if you are using SMS as the way to check your result, why don’t you use NEB result check service from NTC SMS service?

Sparrow SMS NEB result service

sparrow sms neb result check

Sparrow SMS is a leading result service provider through SMS. Using a simple message, you can check your result online for class 11 and class 12.

Type NEB <space> Symbol-Number and send SMS to 35001

Aakash sms NEB result service

aakash sms neb result check

Aakash SMS also provides NEB results on SMS. There is a separate SMS syntax to get your NEB result from Aakash SMS.

Type NEB Symbol Number and Send SMS to 31003

Restrictions on using result check by SMS service

You can not check your marks by using SMS service. It is always better to use NEB result check online service. If you have internet on your phone or internet on your home, you can easily check result online with marks for free.

neb results

Another fact is that using SMS service to check result may cost you from one rupees to five rupees excluding tax. That means, you must pay at least 1.25 NPR up to 6 NPR per result check.

So, I am surprised. Why do not you check your NEB result online using your mobile or home internet?

After all, if you still want to check result by SMS service, then read more to spend your money.

NEB Management Result 2076

NEB management result 2076 has been published. Check NEB result online with marksheet. NEB result 2076 is available here with marksheet. NEB management result is available by four ways.

Four ways to check NEB management result 2076 is listed here in easy way. This guide will help you getting result easily.

How to check NEB management result?

Ways to check NEB management result 2076 has been listed over here with examples. These examples will not create confusion during result check. Students can check result easily learning this article.

NEB management result online

  • Go to online websites ( websites are listed at the end of article)
  • Enter your symbol number
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Get your result online

NEB management result sms

Nepal Telecom hseb management result 2076 check by sms

  • Go to your message box
  • Type neb
  • Give space
  • Type symbol number
  • Send it to 1400

NCELL neb management result check by sms

  • Go to you message box
  • Type neb
  • Give space
  • Type symbol number
  • Send it to 8080

Neb management result landline

  • Go to your landline phone
  • Pick up the receiver
  • Dial 1601
  • Dial your symbol number after they ask to do so.

NEB management result is published. You can check result by the information provided above. This help supports you to consume less time. NEB management result can be checked online, sms, landline. All three tips are easy to check result. If you have no internet access, you can go with sms service for management result check. If you have only landline phone, then you can go for checking management result with landline. Informative article above will let you easily check NEB management result.

NEB management result is published by NEB board Nepal. NEB board Nepal is the only authorized body to control higher education system in Nepal.


Grade 11 NEB result 2076 is published. You can check NEB +2 result of class 11 online over here. You can check your marks too. NEB +2 result of class 11 can be checked online through different websites. There are other few ways to check NEB result too. Another famous way to check NEB result is through mobile sms system.

NEB class 11 result 2076 is online. You can check your NEB +2 exam result easily with mark sheet entering your symbol number and date of birth. If you do not have your date of birth in your hand, you need not worry. You can check your result with mobile sms system as well. NEB result is online in official website of NEB called