NEB stands for national Examination Board. This page provides NEB result for class 11 and NEB result for class 12. NEB result is in grading. So, the grade sheet is online. NEB result 2076 is on 17th of Shrawan 2076.

NEB is one of the governing board which helps to conduct an examination of different universities as well as it publishes the result of all those examinations. National board examination refers to the public examination that occurs at the end of semester or end of any year and so on of the whole Nation not only of one college or anyone district but of whole nation’s colleges, schools examination.

In the context of Nepal, there are different universities which have its own style of teaching, having a different syllabus and so on. All the examination cannot be conducted without the console of NEB. Likewise in Nepal in other different countries, all the examinations are conducted by NEB. There are different board in the context of Nepal i.e Government board of Nepal, HSEB, Tribhuvan University, Pokhara University, Purbanchal University, Kathmandu university etc. and so on. According to NEB SSC for the end of the 9th and 10th-grade examination, and HSC for grade 11th and 12th examination. Beside examination, NEB provides the syllabus for the examination as well as it decides the centers for colleges where exam held. As well as it provides the result of all those examinations held at its appropriate time. NEB is not only for management field or humanities field but it is for each and every field available. It helps to manage the examination of each and every field of education.

NEB Result Class 11 NEB Result Class 12

Every year National Examination Board conducts examination all around the country for Class 10 as well as Class 11 & 12. You can view the result of SEE/SLC Examination and Class 11 & Class 12 result along with the result of supplementary examination of above standards conducted during the year through the official website of National Education Board i.e, by following the given steps.

Go to the website of NEB A homepage of Nepal Education Board is displayed. You can see various tabs on the Homepage like “About Us”, “Notices”, “Results” etc.

Click on “Results” tab. You are directed to a new webpage of Results.

You can see various lists of results published by Nepal Education Board like Result of SEE Examination, Class XI, and Class XII Results, Supplementary Exam Results etc.

There is a tab “Click Here To View Result” along each result notifications. See for the exam you appear and Click on the View Result option.

You are directed to the Page of result with Symbol No Button and Search button for your published result.

Enter Your Symbol No. of the examination you appeared and then Enter Search Button.

Your Result of the examination will be displayed.

Wish you all the best for your Result.

National Examination Board Result

NEB is not any private organization established for earning profit or other but it is one of the government organization established for making student life ease or in another word to provide comfortable service for the education department. NEB plays an important role in the students’ life as well as ease for education department it is also one of the parts of the educational department. As if there is no NEB our education system may be poor as there may occur many difficulties for the student to upgrade their marks or it would be hard for them to study. So NEB plays a significant role in making education system ease for students to pass out easily.

NEB plus 2 Result Management Arts Humanities

neb result class 12NEB result with marks will be right here. NEB (National Examination Board result 2076) Nepal has decided to publish result through online media, SMS service, IVR service. We are going to let you know what actually this online media, SMS service, IVR service mean and how to get your result through them easily.

Finally, NEB has published the result of grade 12. Only 45.56% of total exam appearing students have passed the exam. Get your result now over here. See mark sheet of your result. Know how well you performed in your examination.

How to check NEB Result?

Yes, Talking about Online Media,, will be officially publishing results and other websites will be supporting the result.

SMS service: Along with SMS service, there comes a name of NTC SMS service and Sparrow SMS service. We and even everyone advise you all not to use Sparrow SMS as it is more than three times costly than NTC SMS service. For NTC SMS service, you need to write NEB and give space type your symbol number and send it to 1400.

For SMS services, if you are confused about typing on your mobile, you can see our help article with SMS syntax for NEB result at An image is shown on the link which provides you full support and guides for using mobile SMS service to get NEB result in Nepal.

IVR Service: Dial 1601 from your landline so-called PSTN landline phone to get your result. Plus point is that you can even use your GSM phone or CDMA phone to check out an NEB result. IVR is the easiest way to get NEB result.

NEB Board maintains a higher level education system in Nepal. NEB board maintains and run different faculties in higher education like science, management, arts, humanities e.t.c. NEB Board Nepal publishes result of management, arts, humanities. To check result see our related articles below. We have lots of informative and useful articles related to NEB. You can get your result through the links mentioned below.

NEB Supplementary Exam Result 2076

NEB has published supplementary result of grade 11 and grade 12. See your result with marks. We like to congratulate all the passed students and wish for their good future. NEB Result with mark is over here.

NEB supplementary 11 result of this year is not yet published. So, please stay on our touch over this page to get latest updates on the supplementary result. We assure you to give our latest notices and updates on this page as well as through our  facebook page.
NEB supplementary 12 result of this year is not yet published. So, please stay on our touch over this page to get latest updates on the supplementary result. We assure you to give our latest notices and updates on this page as well as through our facebook page.

See your result with marks over here. Its easy to check result of NEB from here. We are giving you result since long time and still we are providing you with NEB results.

National Examination Board (NEB) has published the results of Class 12 Supplementary Examinations 2076. In NEB Supplementary Exam Result of 12, Out of the total 31,182 examiners, 25,818 students passed the exams.

Supplementary result of NEB 2076 is not yet published. Good luck for your NEB supplementary result 2076. We will add a new information in latest updates section herewith. You can stay connected with us through our Facebook page as well. For this, you can click on Facebook icon on the top of the page and follow our latest updates.

At the end, you can check our related articles mentioned below. These articles will help you getting your updates. Sometimes, we forget to update this page, you can check related articles mentioned below to check for our new updates. Please do not forget to mention comment in comment section which will help us to know about this page.

NEB result 2076 +2 science result has been published. you can check NEB result of 2076 over here. All the good wishes for all exam appearing students. We wish for your great future ahead. All the best. Check your result now.

NEB 2076 Result Management Arts Humanities

NEB 2076 result which is also called NEB 2018 result is published. You can see your NEB result with marks over here. NEB 2076 result management, arts, humanities. First remember your symbol number and start result knowing process here.

There are different ways to know NEB result 2076 management, arts, humanities. You need to know few things to get your result on time. Results are published online on official website which is Nepal Telecom website. It provides result with mark sheet after submitting your date of birth and symbol number. There are other various ways to get NEB result which can be clearly mentioned.

NEB result 2076 can be obtained through SMS service too. The full guide on getting NEB result through sms service is described in this website. You can catch the link and get easy ways to get NEB result through sms syntax.

NEB result 2076 is officially published on NEB website which is the official website of Higher Secondary Education Board Nepal. You can get different notices on NEB result, NEB examinations as well as every news regarding NEB on the official website.

There are few more things to know to get NEB result much easily. You should never forget that, you can also know your NEB result just by dialing 1601 from your landline or GSM mobile phone or CDMA phone. Dialing 1601 will make you let know about pass or fail on your result.

After mentioning the important ideas on getting NEB result, we would like to wish for your good result on the upcoming NEB examination result. If you are still confused on checking your NEB result online, you can visit our other pages below which provide you lots more information on NEB results. If you are furthermore confused, you can look for comment bar below and start asking your problem.

More than fifty thousand grade 11 students are waiting for NEB Board exam result of Class 11. Students appearing NEB Grade 11 exam are eagerly waiting for the Result of Grade 11. Examination result is ready and is published over here.

National Examination Board Nepal is conducting its examination for grade 11 and grade 12 annually and is generating productive students yearly. There is no any other education board than NEB for the students who passed grade 10. For NEB Result of class 11, result will be over here as soon as it is out. Generally students can get their NEB result via website, sms, ivr system.

NEB Nepal Class 11 Exam Results 2076

NEB Class 11 Result website ( or NEB Result with Marks website (

How to get NEB Board Class 11 exam Results

First you must surf official website of NEB nepal. For this type on address bar of your browser.

Get ready with your symbol number and your DOB (Date of Birth). Place your DOB on empty box over there.

You will get your Exam Results Grade 11 NEB Board Nepal.

There are few more tips to get NEB result. Dial 1601 from your Nepal Telecom network, it can be your prepaid or postpaid GSM mobile phones or even your PSTN landline and follow the instructions over there.

Another interesting fact is that you can get your NEB result from your handset via SMS too. For this type your symbol number and send it to 1400.

We will provide you NEB class 11 result online over here too.

Grade 11 Exam was held during Baisakh of this year. Looking to the previous trends, till now NEB result of class 11 by NEB Board Nepal must be published. This year due to sudden hindrance in country like election, it took NEB Board long time to publish result. Probably this year Class 11 exam results is going to be declared in few days. NEB board has already declared about the examination result being on ready condition. So be with us for NEB Board Exam Result.

NEB Grade 11 faculties are Management, Science, Education and Arts. Grade 11 Exam Results 2076 is ready and will be on your hands with mark sheet very soon. All the best to all class 11 exam result waiting students.

NEB Result 2076 Combined

NEB result 2076 is available over here. NEB result of 2076 is career gate for every student. It is near and on a door. Every student is waiting for upcoming NEB result. Here we describe about the effective and most reliable methods to get result as soon as it is out.

NEB Result 2076 of class 12 and NEB Result of class 11 of both science and management group will be easier to obtain by these methods as soon as it publishes. NEB result is a career door for students with which students choose their favourable career of their life.

How to see NEB Result 2076?

1) NEB Result by Online

You can see your NEB result 2076 with marks online. You may be feeling too difficult to get result online. Here are the links for the websites that are publishing official result.


2) NEB Result by SMS

You can get your result on your single SMS. There are two ways but we are always economical, that is why we provide information about cheap SMS service. The most cheapest SMS service for NEB result 2076 is of Nepal Telecom. For this you need to send sms as syntax shown below.

NEB<space><symbolNumber> and send the sms to 1400

Note: Please go to message box and type whatever shown in above quote to get NEB result through mobile phone sms service. For example, if your symbol number is 2000A then, type as shown below

NEB 2000A

and send it to 1400. You will get your NEB result on your mobile phone with in few seconds.

NTC SMS syntax for NEB Result

NEB 1111111A to 1400

1111111A is your symbol number.

Better use NTC SMS service than Sparrow SMS service. NTC sms service costs much less and it is too much cheap.

3) NEB Result by Nepal Telecom Land line and Mobile Phone

NEB result 2076 can be obtained by dialing 1601 from land line phone and mobile phone (CDMA, GSM). Dailing on 1601, you will get instruction to enter your symbol number. After dialing your symbol number, your result is obtained.

NEB Result by Sparrow SMS is Costly

NEB Result by SMS service brought by Sparrow SMS is costly and NTC SMS service is cheap. Remember before you use.

Most of the people use sparrow sms for NEB result in Nepal. It helps to know the result easily, Sparrow SMS is a mobile marketing solution to help businesses acquire and engage customers. A leading VAS provider in Nepal, Sparrow SMS was Initiated by Janaki Technology Pvt. Ltd on March 20, 2010 with a tag line Power of Text to provide SMS services to public as well as business enterprises to communicate and promote their products and business.

NEB Result 2072 will be online on second week of August. And as per the trend that is going on Management and Humanities NEB result will be after a week of publishment of Science result.

Sparrow SMS service is expensive than NTC SMS Service.

You can write NEB symbolnumber and send it to 1400. It cost only 1 rupees. whereas Sparrow SMS service costs more than 5 rupees with tax (5 rupees+). NTC SMS service cost only 1 rupee.


NEB Result 2076 class 12 result online has been easy way to check result. Check result of NEB 2076 online easily with marks. Higher Secondary Education Board result is a annual result. It maintains grade 11 and grade 12 curriculum along with its routine and results. You need to have ideas on checking NEB result. With lack of these ideas, you may roam around many websites in search of result. Here, we are trying to convey you the right suggestion on checking NEB result.

For easy checking of NEB +2 result of 2076, you must know your symbol number first. Secondly, you need to have your date of birth along with you. These things are very much essential for getting NEB result online with marks.

NEB result is obtained from sms service, ivr service, landline phone service and from online service. With these services, students do not need to wait for many days to check for result. Having only these knowledge is not sufficient. You need to know the method of checking result online which can help you to get your marks/result.

Check NEB Result Online

– Go to
– Go to

These are the official websites which gives result platform for NEB. They show result of students along with their mark-sheet.

Check NEB Result by SMS and IVR

Check NEB Result from your Phone or landline or GSM or CDMA
-Dial 1601 and do accordingly.

Students are eagerly waiting for NEB result 2076 with lots of patience. NEB result is coming out soon and will be available in this website as soon as it publishes. NEB board is preparing for examination results. Class 12 result will be earlier than class 11 as previous trend. More than hundred thousand of student have appeared NEB examination this year and waiting for result. They are deciding of their further career in this period.

NEB Nepal conducts grade 11 and grade 12 examination annually. Grade 12 examination is generally taken on Baisakh month of each year. Grade 11 examination is generally taken on Jestha month of each year. Grade 12 examination result is published in the month of Shrawan each year. Grade 12 result 2076 in on 17th of Shrawan, 2076. Grade 11 examination result is published in the month of Mangsir/Poush each year.

NEB result 2076 is ready and will be published at 5 PM. It is easy to check NEB result 2076. All students can refer to this article to check NEB result. Class 11 NEB result is on grades. The meeting of the NEB committee has already decided to publish result today at 5 PM. You can use our comment section provided below for any confusion.

Please check our related articles. These articles provide complete information on result checking. Our pages also provide interesting result check methodologies.

NEB Result 2076 authentic result. NEB Nepal publishes class 12, class 11 result (Plus 2 result). Check NEB Result online. NEB (Higher Secondary Education Board) Nepal maintains the education system of the higher secondary board. NEB runs programs like Science, Management, Humanities, Arts, Education etc for class 11 and class 12 (plus 2 level). NEB Result 2076 is on the door and you can get the result over here in this page.

NEB Result 2076 is available online. The main thing to know is the way of checking result easily. Students feel awkward when they do not get the result on many websites. This article let you know the real easy and fair way of getting NEB result 2076 which is available online.

NEB publishes the result on the web as well as through SMS services. The important thing for students is to know the exact way of checking result. NEB result 2076 is available through the official website of NEB ( or ( From these mentioned websites, you can easily get your NEB result 2076 online with mark sheet.

Students still might get confusions on getting result online. We try to guide you for your easiness. We are helping students for 8 years and we are still doing our duty to you. This time, for more convenience, we are going to add screenshots on checking NEB result 2076.

We typed on the address bar of the browser. Do as we did over here. Type on your browser address bar. After doing so, you can see the page as above. You can see Enter Symbol No box. Enter your symbol number over there. Now, click the submit button. You can check your NEB result 2076 online with mark sheet.

This was the simple step ever known for checking NEB result 2076 with mark sheet. Isn’t it easy?

NEB result 2076 has numerous ways to get marks. Now let me introduce you about the next way to check NEB result. This time also, we will help you by providing screenshot which will, of course, save your time along with making easy for you.

As we did over here. Type on the address bar of your browser. Similar page loads like shown above in image. You can see a Result menu in between Board and Photo Gallery. Please click on Result section of the menu. Doing this, you can be in the right place to check NEB Result 2076 online.