NEB results are available on phone. Both class 11 result and class 12 result are available on mobile phone.

NEB result class 12 will be on Shrawan 16, 2076.

What are the restrictions on using result check by SMS service?

You can not check your marks by using SMS service. It is always better to use NEB result check online service. If you have internet on your phone or internet on your home, you can easily check result online with marks for free.

neb results

Another fact is that using SMS service to check result may cost you from one rupees to five rupees excluding tax. That means, you must pay at least 1.25 NPR up to 6 NPR per result check.

So, I am surprised. Why do not you check your NEB result online using your mobile or home internet?

After all, if you still want to check result by SMS service, then read more to spend your money.

NEB results by SMS

neb result by sms

  • Costly.
  • Does not let you see your marks.
  • Only pass or fail result.

Nepal Telecom NEB result service

nepal telecom neb result

Nepal Telecom provides result check by SMS service. There is a reason to mention Nepal Telecom NEB result check by SMS service in the first. It is the cheapest way to check result by SMS. It cost only 1 rupees to check your NEB result. Then, if you are using SMS as the way to check your result, why don’t you use NEB result check service from NTC SMS service?

Sparrow SMS NEB result service

sparrow sms neb result check

Sparrow SMS is a leading result service provider through SMS. Using a simple message, you can check your result online for class 11 and class 12.

Type NEB <space> Symbol-Number and send SMS to 35001

Aakash sms NEB result service

aakash sms neb result check

Aakash SMS also provides NEB results on SMS. There is a separate SMS syntax to get your NEB result from Aakash SMS.

Type NEB Symbol Number and Send SMS to 31003