PCL (Proficiency Certificate Level) Nursing has been one of the popular courses for the students these days. This post is about PCL nursing entrance exam for CTEVT.

CTEVT (Council for Technical Education and Vocational training) is a national educational body that is committed for the production of technical and skillful human resources for the country. CTEVT offers various courses of study. One of them is PCL Nursing. PCL Nursing is a basic nursing education program that prepares competent and self reliant nurses who are able to care the patients by applying the principles primary health care.

If you are SLC passed students and want to study PCL Nursing, then you can visit CTEVT. Students from all over the country join CTEVT. CTEVT conducts entrance exam to select the candidates for PCL Nursing program under scholarships and fully paid schemes. CTEVT has produced many capable and eligible nurses in the country. PCL nursing on CTEVT can be your course of study if you are seeking to achieve nursing career in the future.

CTEVT has its own official site i.e. www.ctevt.org.np where it posts all of its notices, news and activities. The result of PCL Nursing entrance also gets published on the site. You can check the result which appears as a link in the ‘Results’ section at the bottom of the site. So, it’s easy for anyone to view the result on the site from anywhere.

PCL Nursing Entrance Exam for CTEVT

pcl nursing entrance

pcl nursing entrance exam

So, if you are interested to pursue nursing career in the future, then work hard and appear in PCL nursing entrance for CTEVT. Your performance in the entrance will help you to get selected and even help you to get better scholarships. Your today will determine your tomorrow. So, you have to prepare for PCL entrance exam and do your best.

Hope this post will help you to know about PCL nursing entrance exam on CTEVT.