SEE English exam is hard for most of the students. Here, you can find the latest model questions and practice questions for English. There are two sets in this web-page. Both are in the format of SEE 2076. I have included SEE preparation material by PABSON in it. PABSON is an organisation of group of schools.

SEE English Question paper Integrated Examination Board

The full mark for the exam is 75. Exam is two hours and fifteen minutes long.

see english 1see english 2see english 3see english 4 see english 5 see english 6

The provided question paper of compulsory English is in the format of see 2076. This see preparation material for see 2076 is the new format of SEE.

I will add one more SEE exam paper which is from PABSON. This question paper is of year 2076.

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We already provided our students with SLC/SEE Nepali Exam Questions/Model Questions and I hope those were very much beneficial for you all. This is the key time to practice SEE preparation materials. In this web-page, I have included PABSON question for SEE 2076. This is very good paper to practice. It is because it is in the format of SEE 2076.

If you have solved these questions, you can answer it in the comment section below.