For easy checking of SEE result of 2076, make sure of your symbol number and enter here. It gives result of your class 10 with grades sheet. SEE result is ready and you can get here. These are the short information on getting SEE result. For more information regarding SEE result, you can go through our numerous SEE help articles in this website.

Simple way to check SEE result

  • Check SEE Result from your Phone or Landline or GSM or CDMA
  • Dial 1600 and do accordingly.

Restriction: You can not get your score and grade. You only get your pass or fail result on it.

SEE Result 2076 online

You can check SEE result of 2076 just entering your symbol number in the box below. You can enter your symbol number and date of birth on the box shown here. After placing symbol number, you can get into your marks which is also called ledger sheet. This ledger sheet can be printed and submitted during application of higher education application forms.

SEE result 2076 of class 10 with mark sheet is easy to achieve with this helpful precious website. is providing SEE results since long years and this time too, SEE result will be published from this page too.

If you encounter any problem while checking SEE result 2076 of Nepal Board, you can see the related articles to get the exact SEE result page. You can use search box above mentioned which helps you getting different ways of getting result.

Checking SEE result is easy and simple. Everyone can check result if they know symbol number and date of birth. These two factors are very important for result check.

If you wish to check only pass or fail result of SEE, you can only have SEE symbol number with you. For SEE symbol number, you can check your entrance card which you got during SEE examination.

Important Notice by SEE Board

You can check SEE Result 2076 of Nepal with marks, percentage and grades. Office of SEE exam controller has fixed the week of publishing SEE Result 2076. It has been said officially by Exam controller office that SEE Result 2076 will be published on Ashar first week. It is a good news that SEE result is being published on time. Publishing SEE result on time helps students to apply for further colleges on time.

slc result 2076

SEE Result 2076 is going to be published in the first week of Ashad. All papers have been completed checking and mark calculation process is going on. Last time SEE examination was quite faster than this time but SEE examination department has decided to publish a result on time

SEE Result 2076 Total Students

This time, 4,19,352 students are appearing SEE examination 2076 on regular and 1,46,735 are appearing  private SEE.

More Information on SEE Result

We hope SEE Result 2076 will be published soon so that all students can decide their future soon. If you are searching for result of SEE, you can visit numerous SEE related materials throughout our website.

SLC result 2076/2018 is ready. You can download your result with marks, percentage, grades. You can get more information on SEE result 2076/2018 on the related pages below. These links cover up many details on SEE result which includes ideas and tips to get SEE result. Students are waiting for SEE result marks and planning for their future.

Currently, Students are busy on deciding their field of field of study. After completion of SEE, students get lots of opportunities on choosing courses, choosing faculties. Even students are choosing colleges for further studies in this free time.

You can check SLC result from this website. We regularly update this page providing information on SEE result 2076/2018. Please check this page regularly to stay connected.

Simple way to check SEE Result 2076

You can get SEE result by SMS or online as per your wish. For these all ideas on SEE result, you can carry on with our available resources on this website.

SEE result 2018

SEE result 2076 gets published by three different ways. One is to obtain result online through different websites. Usually publishes SEE result regularly. Likewise, another way to obtain result is through SEE sms service. The next method is called IVR method in which SEE result is checked with the help of PSTN landline phone service. These interesting result check mediums have made SEE result much more easier to check. Lastly, if you have any problem on SEE result check, you can comment your problem in the comment section provided below. We will guide everyone with the easier steps to get result online.

How SEE grade sheet format looks like?

SEE result grade

SEE result gradesheet format

This is a grade sheet for SEE result. From 2074, SEE board Nepal has decided to implement grading system in SEE examination. The format shown in above image is the actual format of grade sheet that SEE students will obtain during their result.

SEE board Nepal claims grade sheet being of international standard. We will update about the result as soon as we get any notice from SEE board Nepal.

How to download SEE Result 2076?

You can download SEE Result 2076 2018 within a simple one step. SEE result has been published and you can download result from here. SEE examination held in 2074 chaitra Result publishes on 2076 Jestha. So, it can be called as SEE result 2076. It is also called SEE Result 2018.

SEE result 2076 grade sheet download with grades is available here as soon as result publishes. After the declaration of SEE result 2076, SEE result 2018, you can download result from this page easily. SEE result with grades will be available here in this page. If you are searching your result for a long time, you should not worry now. You are at the right place which provides numerous tips to check SEE result 2076.

This is the very first time that SEE result has been implemented with grading system. Previously there used to be mark-sheet. This year, students will have SEE result grade-sheet instead of SEE result mark-sheet.  Students who appeared for SEE examination on 2076 chaitra will have result on 2076 so it is called SEE result 2076.

Firstly, SEE result 2076 date has not been announced yet. SEE result date 2076 is yet to be announced by SEE board. Students who are waiting for SEE examination result can regularly check to get latest update on SEE result.

Update on SEE result 2076

According to the examination controlling department of SEE, it has been known that all answer sheets has been checked and a entry of marks is going on. Within this month 2076 jestha, SEE result will be published.

Result date of SEE Result 2076/2018

Result will be published with in Jestha 28 to Jestha 30. According to SEE exam controlling department.

Number of examiners: 5  lakhs 47 thousand 1 hundred and 65.

How to see SEE result of 2076 as soon as it gets published?

We have already shared full tips of checking SEE result 2076. Its easier to check SEE result if you know these techniques.

SEE result with grades is available online over here. Students can check their result with grades. You can download the SEE grade sheet from the official website as well.

There are numerous ways to get SEE result. SEE result 2076 will be available online as well as from sms service. Students must know these important steps to check SEE result. Students can go through online websites to get result.

How to check SEE result 2076 online?

There are numerous ways to check SEE result. SEE result is available in online websites. Moreover, result is available through sms services, ivr system, landline phone as well. We have huge resources that are available in our website These resources consist of ideas to check SEE result. These resources provide information about SEE result date 2076. Students can go through the related articles below to get updated on latest information about SEE. consists of huge resources for SEE result.

SLC (school leaving certificate) board examination / SEE board examination is only one education board that certifies school level of education. SLC examination was taken for the first time in 1990 BS during Rana regime in Nepal. SEE examination is continuing till date and it is 2076 now. That means it has almost been 83 years that SEE examination is going on. This year students have given SEE exam 2076 and are waiting for their result. Hence, SEE result 2076 is on a door. In this article, we will be telling about SEE in short and we will be checking SEE result 2076 with grades.

SEE examination 2076 result is published on 2076. So, SEE  exam 2076 result is always said to be SEE result 2018. It was held from Chaitra 18 2076 from 8 am to 11 am. Previously, SEE board Nepal used to publish SEE result with marks but this time, SEE board Nepal is publishing result with grades. SEE board Nepal is doing so to maintain international level standard in school level education of Nepal. Many students get confused on checking result because some students may find tedious on searching result over the internet. We have designed a perfect guide on checking SEE result 2076 with grades.

The above-mentioned format is a demo of SEE grade sheet. Many students are on confusion how their grade sheet look like. According to SEE board of Nepal, SEE result 2076 grade sheet will be similar to the image shown on the page.

SEE result with marks is easy to check online. Sorry, SEE result will have grades now. So, SEE result with grades is not complex to check. It is a short and easy process. Usually, the result can be obtained from different techniques.

Some student wish to check result online and few other wish to check their result through SMS service. We are going to guide students with both the ways to check SEE result 2076.

SEE result online can be checked through various web-portals. There are lot of websites providing result online. is one of the website providing result with grades. is another official website providing the SEE result to students.

SEE result SMS can be checked through NCELL as well as NTC. This SMS result check service will let students know about their either pass or fail result. The bad thing about SMS system of SEE result check is that it costs money. Some SEE result SMS service providers take 5 rupees without tax and few take only 1 rupee to check result. So, we request all students to use SMS service of Nepal telecom to check SLC result if they are using SMS technique.

There is another way to check SLC result. It is commonly known as 1600 Nepal telecom SLC result check. Students can use their landline phone or any Nepal Telecom handset to dial 1600. On following the conversation, student needs to dial their symbol number and their result is announced on the phone.

SLC result 2076 grades, grade sheet, mark sheet has been much easier to obtain with this guide. Many students have requested us to provide a good result check guide. We hope this article fulfils their demand. We wapnepalonline team would like to wish all SLC students with a prosperous result on their hand. We would like to wish good result for their SLC result 2076.

SEE result 2076 is published now. SEE result 2076 2018 is ready and is available online. SEE Examination result board is ready with SEE result and is publishing SEE result within few minutes. You can find articles related to SEE in our website. This website guides you all on SEE result 2076 result updates. SEE result 2076 result update is available in this page. The main mission of this website is to help students to see SEE result.

SEE Result SEE Result 2076 updates is according to the office of the controller of examination sanothimi Bhaktapur. So as soon as the national examination board publishes the SEE result we will update it. Hence this is the main hub for the SEE information. Similarly you can find the many useful articles related to SEE result SEE Result 2076 updates.

SEE Result 2076

Many students search for SEE result for their result. Students need to have symbol number and date of birth to check SEE result. SEE result is available online and wapnepal is providing SEE result since 10 years. SEE result 2076 guide is available in each and every section of this page.

Most of the SEE students are much eager to find their result. We have been giving the SEE result is previous years too. In the same way you can find the SEE result over here.

SEE result 2076 can be checked by two methods. SEE result is available online and SEE result is available on SMS. Check our different guides to know how to check SEE result online and how to check SEE result by SMS.
see result

Download full SEE result

SEE result with grades is available in this link. Result with grades of SEE is in table below. Students symbol number are provided having Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D in SEE result 2076.

Result With Grade SheetFind Your Symbol Number Here
SEE Result 2076 with Grade A+Grade A+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade AGrade A  Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade B+Grade B+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade BGrade B Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade C+Grade C+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade CGrade C Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade D+Grade D+ Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade DGrade D Scoring Symbol Numbers
SEE Result 2076 with Grade EGrade E Scoring Symbol Numbers

Finally we would like to express best wishes for your success in SEE exam.

SEE result 2076 for class 10 student results 2076 is out. Students who took exam in SEE exam 2076, result of class 10 SEE exam 2076 is on your hands. Previously, SEE was widely known as SLC from 1990 B.S. This “SEE Result 2076 Out, Class 10 result grades” content will discuss about SEE result 2076, SEE result 2076 and provides idea to students on result check. The article outlines the ways to check SEE result and concludes on providing easy way to check the result. SEE result 2076 is on Friday.

SEE result 2076 is iron gate for students who took exam in SEE exam 2076. If someone takes SEE exam 2076 will be iron gate for him. So, if you are waiting for SEE examination, read nicely and prepare well. SEE result 2076 will be on grading system. Government has implemented grading system to cut down the fail percentage. Interestingly, none of the students get fail on SEE exam result 2073.

SEE result grading system

see result 2076 grading

Students will no longer be failed in SEE examination. Student needs to submit their SEE gradesheet ladger while applying for +2 level (NEB Nepal). Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, Grade D, Grade E are few types of grades in SEE and their description is shown above.

Many people liked percentage system of marking whereas some people argue it. Finally, government concluded to have a grading system in alphabet. The main aim of grading system is to decrease competition from private schools and government schools.


It is really difficult to check result if sites like Wap Nepal were not in the web. Wap Nepal is publishing SEE result notice and SEE result notice since 2007 and is constantly helping every students to check their result. Nevertheless, wap nepal always provides ideas to check result easily within a single click.

Check SEE result online

We expect grades of all SEE students to be A+ but it is result, isn’t it? All the best for A+ result.