SEE result will be out on the last week of Ashar 2079. We are sharing important information on SEE result (Secondary Education Examination).

Nowadays, checking your SEE result within a few seconds is straightforward. You can use either SMS system to check your result, or you can check online too, whichever is suitable for you. Also, for a few years, different radio stations are providing this service when the SEE result is out. You can call them with your symbol number and get your result whether you have passed or failed. For detailed results, you should follow the following steps. You can also go straight away to check the SEE result on

SEE education board publishes results with grades. After introducing the grading system, students do not fail the SEE examination. If students get fewer grades, then they will have trouble studying courses of their choice in their further studies. Previously, SLC used to be on marks, and mark sheets used to be published. SEE result is for class 10 final students in Nepal.

When is SEE result 2079?

Check your SEE result now. According to the recent information, the SEE result 2079 will be published on the last week of Ashar. Probably it will not go more than that. Like previous years, this year also, the results will be on grade systems. Are you still looking for the SEE result website with grades?

SEE result is almost ready. SEE result is in June. In Nepali, the SEE result is on the month of Ashar/Shrawan.

We have already mentioned the simple ways to check SEE 2079 result.

How to see SEE result 2079 online with grades?

You can look for your result online in a much easy way. Sit in front of your computer/cell phone with your symbol number and DOB. You can use the following websites to check your result.

The most used website to check SEE results is NTC. It is highly reliable than others. Go to¬†Then enter your symbol number and DOB, and click “submit” to get the total result with grades.

Complete video on how to check SEE result 2079.

The second way to look at SEE results is to visit the Office of Controller of Exam website at It is the official site of the Office of Controller of Exam. From this site, you can get a highly reliable soft copy of your SEE grade sheet and print it for your admission procedures until you get the original Grade Sheet.

You can also get the SEE result from the official website of the Nepal Education Board(NEB). You can visit the SEE website to get your result with grades.

SEE result 2079 is available online on the internet. You can quickly check your grades on the following websites.

SEE the website of NTC

Ministry of Education website to check SEE result

Apart from these sites, there are several other websites where you can quickly get your SEE result. Some of them are listed below:


How to check SEE result 2079 via mobile call

You must dial 1600 from your Nepal Telecom mobile phone to check your result.

How to view SEE result 2079 via landline phone

As previously mentioned, you need to dial 1600 to check your result from your landline phone. Then, you follow the instructions provided over the phone. You need to dial your symbol number, and the system will say whether you are pass or fail.

How to use SMS providers to check your SEE result?

You can use many SMS service providers to check your SEE result through the SMS system on your cell phone. SMS method is the quickest and easiest method to check your SEE result. There are lots of ways to view SEE result 2079. SEE result is available in SMS, mobile call, and landline call or phone. All the ways to check SEE result is listed below.

  • Go to a new message
  • Type SEE and give space, and then type symbol number

The most reliable method is to use the SPARROW SMS service to check your result. For this, go to your message box, type SEE<space>symbol number, and send SMS to 35001. (This is useful for all NTC, Ncell, and Smart Cell users.)

The second method is to use the NTC SMS service. For this, go to your message box, type SEE<space>symbol number with an alphabet, and send it to 1400. You can also call on 1600 and follow the steps accordingly. (Standard charges may range from Rs. 2 to Rs. 5 )

The third method is to use the Ncell SMS service. For this, go to your message box, type SEE<space>symbol number with an alphabet, and send it to 8080. You can also get your SEE result from the official app on Ncell. (Standard SMS charges may range from Rs. 2 to Rs. 6, including all taxes.)

There are also some other SMS service providers if the abovementioned steps don’t perform well. You can use:

  • Aakash Tech ( Type SEE<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 31001 )
  • Focus one Nepal Private Ltd. ( Type SEE<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 35566 )
  • Easy Service Pvt. Ltd. (Type SEE<space>symbol number with an alphabet and send it to 34949 )

Check SEE result 2079 through NTC SMS

  • Send the message you made ready to 1600

Check SEE result 2079 through Sparrow SMS

  • Send the message you made ready to 35001

Check SEE result 2079 by other SMS providers

  • Aakash SMS: 31001
  • Focusone SMS: 35566
  • One up SMS: 33624
  • Easy SMS: 34949

Cost for checking SEE result 2079

If you are checking your SEE result online, it is free, but if you are checking your SEE result by SMS, it costs money. We have listed out the cost of every result check service.

SEE result online cost to check result

It is free to check SEE results online using the websites we have mentioned before. Online websites provide free result check services for SEE examination results.

SEE result by SMS cost to check result

It is not free to check SEE results by SMS. Different SMS service providers charge different prices. We have listed the pricing of top SEE SMS result check service providers.

  • Nepal Telecom SEE result check by SMS costs only 1 rupee. It is the cheapest SMS result service.
  • Sparrow SMS SEE result check by SMS costs 5 rupees. It is the most expensive SMS result service.

SEE Grading system 2079

According to the SEE board of Nepal, the grading system will remain the same as the previous year’s. With this system, it is expected that ta pass percentage of students will increase this year too. The grading system is shown below:

You can comment below on which one was the best method for you.

How many students appeared to SEE examination 2079

The total number of students who appeared SEE examination 2079 is about six lakhs. Approximately six lakhs of students are waiting for SEE result 2079.

SEE Grade Evaluation System (A, B, C, D, E)

About two and a half months or even three months after the completion of the SEE, the SEE results are published by the Office of the Controller of Examination (OCE).

The new grading system has replaced the traditional absolute marking system for evaluating the SEE papers. This new evaluation system helps the students mainly in two ways.

First, the system better reflects the students’ capability and, as per their performance in their 10th grade, directs them towards appropriate subjects for grade 11.

Second, the system will reduce the stress of the students appearing for the exam, and they will not have to fear their 10th-grade exams like earlier. But many people are still in confusion about this new system.

Therefore, in this article, we are providing a short description of the grading system used to evaluate the students in SEE result 2079.

The SEE grading system is shown in the table provided below. This table shows complete information

see result 2076 gradesheet marksheet
see result 2079 grade sheet & mark sheet

The SEE results of each course are decided by a grading system based on GPA (Grade Point Average). GPA ranges from 0 to 4.

The student who would score A+ is Outstanding. Likewise, a student scoring an A is Excellent.

These grades obtained by the students in SEE result 2079 are based on the actual marks they receive, which are then converted to GPA. Students securing between 90 and 100 marks will get A+. Similarly, A is for those obtaining between 80 and 89 marks; B+ for scores between 70 and 79; B between 60 and 69; C+ between 50 and 59 and C between 40 and 49. Likewise, students securing between 30 to 39 will get D+; D for those with 20 to 29 marks while E for those who score below 20.

SEE result 2079

In SEE result 2079, A+ is identical to 4 GPA, A to 3.6, B+ to 3.2, B to 2.8, C+ to 2.4, C to 2.0, D+ to 1.6, D to 1.2 and E to 0.8.

Officially, the students will not fail in SEE result 2079; there is no provision for any grade. But there is a provision for categorizing unsatisfactory performance.

If a student scores less than a GPA of 1.6 and fails to achieve a D+ grade in at least one subject, they will be ineligible for promotion to grade 11.

The result of the SEE examination has become an essential part of a student’s life as it determines their educational career path. We hope you have used our SEE practice materials on our website before taking the exams.

The SEE result is near and will be on your hands soon.

College Admission after SEE Result

see colleges

After SEE result 2079, students are engaged in selecting colleges for their further studies. Students must have good grades to join colleges. There are different requirements for studying other subjects after the SEE result. If students wish to study science after the SEE result, they must have 2 GPAs. Here is the complete requirement of students’ grades for different subjects like Management, Humanities, Education, Health, Nursing, and Engineering.

GPA needed after SEE Result to join colleges

  • To study science, a 2.0 GPA is needed, a Grade of C+ in Maths and Science, and at least a D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies.
  • To study Management, a 1.6 GPA and at least a D+ in English, Nepali, Maths, and Social Studies are needed.
  • To study Humanities and Education, a 1.6 GPA and at least a D+ in English, Nepali, and Social Studies are needed.
  • To study Diploma Health, 2 GPA and at least C+ in Maths, English, and Science are needed.
  • To study Diploma in Engineering, at least C is needed in Maths and Science and D+ in English.
  • To study Agriculture, at least D+ is needed for any one of the subjects: English, Maths, and science.

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