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The final examination of the secondary school system of Nepal, popular as Secondary education examinations (SEE) is very important. For higher or further studies, each and every student must pass SEE examination. SEE in general is considered as ‘IRON GATE’, as this gate must be passed by every student for their completion of secondary education. SEE is a final result which publishes the result of hard work done by students. SEE examination is regarded as a most important examination in the education system of our country, Nepal. Generally, SEE exams are held in the month of March or April.

At present, Government is planning of grading system while publishing results of SEE examinations. But it is not implemented yet. So one needs to check out their marks after results are published. Various methods are there for knowing the SEE results like through sms, ivr system and online system.  Results are published and if you haven’t checked your result yet, check your results here:

  • From SMS system, you can type SEE space Your Symbol number and you have got many SMS systems that provide you SEE results, you can send to any of the available result providers.
  • For SEE results through IVR system, you can dial 1600 from landline and you can get your result by pressing your Symbol number only.

Check SEE results online

  1. You can go through governmental website to get your SEE certificate. Students who had given SEE examination from 2057 to 2070, they all can check out their results through here. There are many sites which provide a fake certificate to you. So you need to be aware so that you may get original certificates of yours.
  2. Type your SEE symbol number; you’re Date of birth and year at which you passed your SEE exam.
    see results
  3. Click ‘Search’. You will get your SEE examination result with your mark sheet.

SEE certificate is very much valuable for a future time. SEE is a minimum requirement for every working field. Hard labor is very much essential for which you may get high marks and get many facilities and scholarship offers for your higher studies. Be prepared for your SEE exams, read well, labor hard and results will be automatically in your favor. If you are not satisfied worth your SEE results, you may consult Exam control center, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur also.