No other exams in the life of students can give the stress as SLC exam does. This stress leads to numbers of suicidal cases all over the country. School Leaving Certificate, an essence of further studies is also known as ‘Iron Gate’. SLC is not as difficult as it is supposed to be. Due to its greater importance in each and every higher than secondary courses, its huge media coverage and concern of entire nation, people themselves are making SLC very tough. Students feel like the entire nation’s eye is only over their SLC examination. The higher expectations from family and teachers, feeling of humiliation due to fear of failure are really dangerous in context of students. So students get very much nervous and can be blank at exam hall also. In context of Nepal, failing in exams are really taken as a matter of shame and students are also grown up with the same mentality that failing an exam is the gravest mistake of their life. Many suicide cases occur at the time of SLC exams and after results. They think that SLC exam is the only one educational achievement in the entire universe.

After SLC results, we can see newspaper filled with congratulation posts to toppers and some news  relating to suicide case due to failure and some suicide happens even for getting low marks also.

slc exam

Fear is the first thing that appears mainly in case of School students. If you will just be calm and give your exam, it’ll be best but exams given with fear will be like:

”Tik-tock, Mind block, Pen stop, Eye pop, Full shock, jaw drop, Time up, No luck”

So it’s better concentrating on your studies rather than making wishes

slc exam tension

Or you may be like, ”Oh God please make me pass. I promise Ill provide 2 kgs of sweets and something like that.” I’ve also passed SLC exams and my condition was also worse. Pressure from family and teachers was really too much. I was also afraid but after the first day of SLC exam, I found questions really very easy and got to know, SLC is very much easier than internal exams also. And I gave my best to every exam after 1st day, without any fear. So don’t be stressed. Be calm and give your best.

Students are taught to be laborious from their childhood, but they should also be taught that success isn’t easy, hard labor is required and success isn’t sure for very first time. One have to try more and more and then only success may kiss them. If students are weak in their studies instead of using harsh words and discouraging them, they should help to get out of it. Exams are only there to taste your memory power. Blaming each other after suicidal cases doesn’t work anymore. Disappointment that comes along with SLC results are so great that students decides to end up their life. It is really a stupid thing to decide to end up their life after SLC exams result that won’t matter much later. Hype of SLC is very much that students think SLC as nightmare and are very much scared.

High expectations from relatives and teachers, Reputation along peer groups, Family pressure, Frustrations in life are main reasons that leads to suicide after SLC examination results. Students must know that SLC doesn’t decide their whole life. We can see many peoples who were not so good at schools had given their best after SLC. You also may be one of those and you can go ahead.

Success is sure but not always at first attempt. Read well, labor hard and you’ll finally get best results. Don’t afraid of exams and be calm. Don’t ever think to suicide, Your one step to Suicide will lead you family members, relatives and your friends mourn for some time and again they will move on. No one will be there remembering you always. Life is yours and once it is gone, it’ll never return. So ”Don’t Stress, do your best, Forget the rest’‘.