‘Chora bigre commerce, chori bigre nurse’, a very famous slogan in our country at ancient times. At present context of Nepal, this slogan doesn’t works out. Nowadays, nurses and commerce subject both are given very positive responses. SLC examination is regarded as the first step to build career. As we pass much awaited so called Iron Gate, students enter into the curriculum with multiple of choices. Each and every year, as the month of Ashad drops off, SLC result become hottest topic in each and every gossips and tea talks. What after SLC? This is probably the biggest question that grips those students who are about to cross this Iron Gate. While some of you might have already planned about their carrier very carefully and it is very much likely that many of them haven’t planned about it.

Carrier planning is a crucial part of student life. Society portrays a dreamy atmosphere after you are done with your SLC examination. Generally, students are at their mid teens i.e. students are of age 15, 16 or 17. They aren’t matured in themselves. Before results are out, for further Knowledge Bridge courses are also opened. Students have almost 3 months leave after SLC examinations. Post SLC period is very much essential for SLC appeared students for their better future. Most of students learn computer programming and do bridge courses. Some get very much serious about higher studies and start studying whole 3 month time. But we suggest you not to be bookworm, you may enjoy your time learning guitar, singing or dance classes, learn motorbike or also if interested you can directly join staff nurses classes.

subjects after slc

They need proper guidelines and counseling about choosing the desired faculty to carry on their further studies. At current times, the wide read subjects in Nepal are:


  • Science

Science is the most favored subject in context of Nepal. If students pass SLC with distinction marks, they are compelled to study science. As students can go to engineering and medical feilds after reading science at plus 2 and also this subject as a very wide area, most of the students prefer reading Science. It is a course designed for students who are interested in technical things. You have to study compulsory subjects like: English and Nepali. You can choose between subjects like biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Biology leads to medical carrier while mathematics leads to engineering.

  • Management

Management courses are higher educational courses which lead towards development of student’s marketing, accounting and administrative skills. Business studies, accounting, trade etc are some subjects under Management faculty. The main aim of this course is to make students be prepared for office manager, business owner or corporate employee.

  • Humanities

Humanity is the study of variety of fields. Subjects like social science, arts, dance, economics, cultures, social development, politics etc are read under this faculty. It is a mixture of several subjects and nowadays, students choosing humanities are increasing rapidly.

  • Education

Those who want to become teacher; they can join this field after SLC. It is a two year course that provides trainings and teaching skills to them. Some training programmes are also established by government for their better skills.

Each of these subjects has their own charm and where these subjects lead is almost known by every student. Try to choose the field which you are interested at. Listen to your heart not the heads that compel to read the subject of their choices but be sure you’ve taken a correct decision.